Indian - British P1853 Trooper Cavalry Sabre

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Indian - British P1853 Trooper Cavalry Sabre


This Indian example of the British Pattern 1853 Cavalry Trooper’s Sword was made in the late 1900 and into the early 20th century. This example of the P1853 is very similar of my last British P1853.

Rodwell & Co.–the makers–were railway contractors in India, so one wouldn’t expect them to know how to produce a good sword. ISD stands for India Stores Department. I don't know what NS BDA means, but some collectors believe it refers to Nartive States Baruda.

They have a leather scabbard. 

Total lenght: 39 Inch
Country of manufacture: Indian / British
Date entered service: Late 19th
Rodwell & Co

**Please note I made the descriptions to the best of my knowledge. Don't hesitate if you have any comments or clarifications**