French Napoleonic light cavalry officer Sabre

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French Napoleonic light cavalry officer Sabre

A completely mint example of a French Napoleonic Cavalry Officer’s Sword.  With a very attractive neo-classical brass hilt and chequered ebony grip.  The blade retains all the original blue and gilt decoration and the rest of the blade retains all original polish.  Blade decoration includes martial trophies, victory wreaths, suns and moons and floral motifs. There is a small slit in the handle but no looseness.

The inscription on the heel of the blade is 'J'ue Schmolz'. Schmolz was making sabres in Solingen from at least 1813. His son's took the business on through the XIX century up until 1950.

Total lenght: 38,5Inch
Country of manufacture: French
Date entered service: Circa 1800
Manufacturer: N/A


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