British Cavalry Trooper's Sword M1796 - Thomas Gill

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British Cavalry Trooper's Sword M1796 - Thomas GILL

Compared to the earlier 1788 pattern sabre, the 1796 is shorter, broader and generally stockier in its component parts. The 1796 pattern sabre tends to balance fairly far from the hand, perhaps giving some people the feeling that it is heavier than it actually is when they hold it. - Matt Easton

Thomas Gill (1744-1801), was one of the foremost sword makers in the UK at the turn of the 18th Century. Based in Birmingham, Thomas was a vocal proponent of British made swords over those imported from Germany. He went to great lengths to prove that his blades were superior in every way to the flood of Solingen imports. Thomas Gills testing regime was so rigorous that each blade that passed was etched with his name and famous guarantee. 

This form of pommel is scarce and may have been an option on early 1796 pattern Gill sabres.  They have a little looseness in the hilt, she need love.

Total lenght: 37,25 Inch
Country of manufacture: British
Date entered service: 1796

Thomas GILL


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