Czech Cavalry Sword M1927

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Czech Cavalry Sword M1927
Sabers of the 1927 model were in service with the Czechoslovak army until the country lost its independence in 1939.
They were manufactured by Wlaszlovits, founded by Josef Wlaslowitz in 1803 in the town of Stos, east of the Slovakia, it also produced bladed weapons for Austria and the Hungarian Empire.
The blade is steel, slightly curved, single-edged. On the heel we find the marking of the manufacturer Wlaszlovits Stos and on the other side of the blade, the approval marks: the letter H in the shape of a lion and the number 24.
The saber consists of a hilt covered with sharkskin, interwoven in rows of straight, twisted wire and a large four-pronged hilt.
The swords in very good condition with the original Dragoon
Total lenght: 37,35 Inch
Country of manufacture: Czech
Date entered service: M1927
Manufacturer: Wlaszlovits Stos