Ethiopian Cavalry Sabre - Abyssinie - Germany (Long Curve)

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Ethiopian Cavalry Sabre - Abyssinie - Germany (Blade)

Ethiopian sabers - Gurade - usually used European imported blades. Full blade with quality etchings both sides. Ricasso stamped with G.G. and thermometer - German manufacturer - Holler. Profusely decorated with etched cartouch with floral decor, Amharic language scripts, stylized Lion of Judah, Ethiopian symbol. Blade sharpened for battle use.

The hilt of steel, P-shaped guard, square langets, shorter arm of the cross-guard finished with flat ball, black grip with metal wire. One of langets with Lion of Judah, second - Amharic letters.

Leather Scabbard in good condition. 

Total lenght: 37 Inch

Country of manufacture: German / Ethiopian
Date entered service: Circa 20th
Manufacturer: N/A