French Light Calvary Officer's Sabre

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French Light Calvary Officer's Sabre

That was a wonderful non-standard French Officer's Battle Sword. In its brass furniture with a large lion head pommel and one piece horn grip. Mounted with a powerful broad large-fullered blade, bearing lengthy engraved Arsenal inscription to its exceptionally thick spine. Leather over wood scabbard with brass mounts en suite to the hilt. 

The scabbard does not appear to be original.The metal parts of the scabbard look original but the other part appears to have been made to look like the original model.

Marked by the Imperial Manufacturer.

The sword is in very good condition.

Total lenght: 39,25 inch
Country of manufacture: French
Date : 1853
**Please note I made the descriptions to the best of my knowledge. Don't hesitate if you have any comments or clarifications**