German Infantry Officer sword - French influence

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German Infantry Officer sword - French influence

On August 6, 1806, the last emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, Francis II, submits to an ultimatum from Napoleon I. He renounces the imperial crown and frees all German states from their loyalty.

it is the end of the Holy Empire. The continental blockade against the United Kingdom pushed Napoleon I to annex a part of the German states: Hamburg, Bremen, Münster, Aix-la Chapelle, Mainz and Koblenz became the capitals of French departments. In the different regions, the French presence is a source of discontent. The French armies present on the territory live from requisitions.

The blockade continental limits trade even if it allows the development of the production of coal in the Ruhr to replace British imports. German nationalism arises from the French defeat in Russia, even though the defeat Prussian had already prepared by giving rise to the Speech to the Nation German sheet of Fichte. The annihilation of the grand army during the retreat of Russia provokes a war of liberation which ends with the French withdrawal in November 1813 after the defeat of Leipzig.

Very beautiful Germanic saber produced under the occupation of the French Empire. The sword is also manufactured on the basis of French models without the quillon in the shape of diamond. The handle is brass and checkered wood, in good condition, no play. The blade is in good condition and has not been cleaned since, we find the marking of the manufactory, a symbol surmounted by a crown.

The scabbard is leather (with a repair in the center) and brass.


Total lenght: 32,2 inch
Country of manufacture: Germany
Date entered service: Circa 1800
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